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The art of influence

Everything we do is based on the art of influence and as experienced PR professionals, this comes second nature to us.  People buy from people and people buy stories.  We generate compelling ideas and engaging content to tell your story across print and digital platforms.  All communication is tailored to affect and inform the behavior or view point of your individual audiences, ultimately leading to awareness, understanding, trust, goodwill, authority and sales. 


Our expert services

Strategic PR Planning

We will work with you to understand all your key objectives, audiences and products to create a fluid master plan packed full of irresistible ideas, collaborations, social strategies and profile raising events and activities. We will want in-depth training on your products and services so we can operate as a seamless extension of your own marketing department.

Trade and Consumer Media Relations

Our experience working for major bluechip brands over many years means we have built outstanding relationships with core media. We have developed our own success blueprint for consistently achieving a high level of coverage for our clients.

Press Office

Everything we do for our clients is underpinned by a highly professional and lightning quick press office service.  Journalists know that when they ask, we will deliver.  Equally, they know that when we call them with a feature idea, invitation or new product to try, we won’t be wasting their time. Check out our journalist recommendations.

Product Placement & Features

With 13 years representing a major UK retailer, we know exactly how to achieve extraordinary levels of sales-driving product placement coverage both online and in print.  Our online coverage on national newspaper and lifestyle sites is also proven to have measurable impact on sales and SEO.

Digital PR

Although the phrase 'Digital PR' encompasses a whole host of services, we are able to look at your KPIs and define which strategy best suits your needs. Looking to increase your organic rankings in Google for example? We can work with your SEO team to devise a plan for improving your onsite content and generating back links from high authority media sites, through standalone campaigns and consistent press office pitching.


Social Media Content Generation and Management

Managed well, these platforms can be  a high profile reflection of your brand and ethos, and we manage our clients’ platforms with style and flair.  People are not on Facebook to be sold to so we deliver content that is relevant, engaging and that always adds value.  While ‘Likes’ do not necessarily equal ‘Sales’, the importance of ensuring your social media platforms are maintained professionally ‘on brand’ cannot be underestimated. Our expertise encompasses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Paid-For Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Advertising Creation and Management

The opportunities to target your specific audiences and drive direct sales via paid-for social media adverts and posts are hugely effective and relatively low cost.  Our experience means we know how to craft a campaign that works and generates results at the lowest possible cost per click or sale.

Client Blog Content Generation and Management

The digital landscape offers a brilliant opportunity for you to self-publish to showcase your products and services while positioning you as an expert authority in your field.  We can create and maintain an engaging blog that adds incredible value to your readers, establishing your brand as a trusted ‘go to’ authority.

Special Events

While nothing beats a real life event to meet people, experience new products, places or services, throughout 2020 we have also become expert at delivering engaging VIRTUAL events and webinars!   Our events are always well attended, memorable and beautifully delivered with meticulous attention to detail.

Blogger/Influencer Outreach Programs

The power of the influencer can not be underestimated.  We only work with bloggers and influencers who are the perfect match for our clients’ brand and audience.  We identify ‘win win’ collaborations which work for both parties, leading to authentic endorsements to drive brand awareness and web traffic.

Video Production

It is proven that the use of video dramatically enhances the performance of a website, email or social media post.  We work with a specialist production company to create professional, great value videos that can bring a product to life or position a client as a trusted expert authority.

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