Cosentino is a global, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for architecture and design.

We have handled the PR for Cosentino UK since 2007, delivering consistently high levels of targeted media coverage for its range of premium surfacing options within the consumer, kitchen and bathroom trade, architectural, design and commercial industries.

Our role as an agency increased in 2011 when we launched Cosentino’s UK social media accounts, delivering inspiring, thoughtful and topical content to a solid base of engaged industry bodies and end users.

Our remit grew again in 2018 when we began creating added value content for its UK blog, expanding it from purely product and corporate news, to strengthening Cosentino's expert voice on interior design.

Adapting to the global pandemic in 2020, we aided in the creation, planning and launch of its webinar series to retain important contact with its customers and remain top of mind in a new way while consumers plan their home projects.

‘We have worked with Sellers PR since 2007 and I truly believe our relationship has played a vital role in helping to build Cosentino into the market leading brand that it is today. Everyone in the team understands our core values, has incredible knowledge of our brands and products and is highly respected within our industry. First and foremost - Sellers PR feels like part of Cosentino. They are an amazing team.’
- Laura Davie-Rush, Marketing Manager, Cosentino UK See all recommendations

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