Miele is a German premium domestic appliance manufacturer, providing luxury products for homes and restaurants alike.

We have been privileged to represent premium German appliance manufacturer, Miele since 2011.  We manage Miele GB's PR, social media and the content creation for its blog, Der Kern.  We achieve unwavering levels of prominent press coverage throughout core national, consumer lifestyle and KBB trade media for the brand.

Our carefully curated content has rocketed the domain authority for its blog Der Kern, working in tandem with snappy and thoughtful social media posts to achieve high levels of engagement and awareness.  All content is planned, written, edited, managed, uploaded and promoted by Sellers PR.  We also identify complementary kitchen studio partners, brands and influencers to collaborate with to create further value and inspiration for readers.


‘If there is one thing I have learnt as a PR professional with over 15 years’ experience, both in house and agency side, it is that relationships make or break a PR campaign. Not once have I felt the need to question my decision to appoint Sellers PR.’
- Zoë Carter, former PR and Consumer Marketing Manager, Miele See all recommendations

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