Flammkraft BBQ

Introducing our New Client - Flammkraft: The Ultimate BBQ

We're excited to introduce our newest client, Flammkraft, the German manufacturer of premium infra-red powered gas barbecues and complementary modular units for luxury outdoor kitchens - now available in the UK. 

Flammkraft is the brainchild of two engineers, Manuel Lasar and Knud Augustin who, after extensive research, were frustrated that no appliance met their long-standing barbecue needs.  So they cast a vision and set out to design their own ultimate barbecue.  The result is The Flammkraft Block D - a gas barbecue with a charcoal soul, fast becoming the choice of Michelin star chefs and ambitious grill aficionados throughout Europe.  

“We didn’t just want to create another barbecue, we wanted to create a truly exceptional product made in Germany.” - Knud Augustin, co-founder, Flammkraft

Flammkraft: The Pinnacle of Outdoor Cooking

Key Features at a Glance
Flammkraft's flagship products, the Block D (Gen. 5) and Block M (Gen. 5), embody the ultimate in design, performance, and versatility for outdoor kitchens. 

• Innovative Infra-red Technology: The Block D barbecue uses efficient infra-red ceramic burners, offering a remarkable temperature range of 75˚C to 900˚C. This allows for precise cooking, far surpassing traditional open flame grilling.

• Exquisite Design and Durability: Crafted from durable stainless steel, the Block D and Block M modules are available in seven elegant colours, ensuring they complement any outdoor kitchen aesthetic.

• Ultimate Flexibility and Performance: The Block D (Gen. 5) boasts cast stainless steel grates, a robust roasting burner, and a spill-proof design. It also offers direct and indirect heating, catering to a variety of cooking techniques, including low and slow cooking.

• Enhanced Cooking Experience: With features like the OfenDock, double-walled hood for consistent temperatures, and integrated wind deflector, the Block D ensures an unparalleled grilling experience.

• Complementary Module for Extra Convenience: The Block M (Gen. 5) extends the functionality of your outdoor kitchen with additional worktop space, storage, and even serves as an outdoor bar, echoing the same commitment to quality and design.

• Eco-friendly and Efficient: Not only are Flammkraft barbecues designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance, but they also use less gas compared to other models on the market, making them a more sustainable choice.

Flammkraft’s launch into the UK is perfectly timed as interest in outdoor kitchens in the UK continues to grow. Google Trends reveals that over the last 12 months, searches for ‘Outdoor Kitchens’ are consistently a Breakout* term in relation to ‘Kitchen Design'. A recent study by Uswitch also found that outdoor kitchens have become one of the UK’s most popular home improvement projects. 

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